Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is there an entry fee for the competition?
A. No entry fee is charged.

Q. Can I compete in the preliminary round on Saturday at a certain time of the day?
A. Yes. If you let us know on your application form that you will only be available, as an example, after noon and if you bring your own accompanist, we will schedule you accordingly. If you have asked the competition to provide you with an accompanist, we will make every effort to accommodate your scheduling request.

Q. Will there be a place for me to practice while I am in Montgomery?
A. Generally speaking, the practice room demands of the competition fill many of the available practice rooms on Friday night and during the day on Saturday.
On Friday night, any practice rooms not already assigned to a competition accompanist can be used by competitors on a first come, first served basis. Please share. During the day on Saturday, each competitor will be assigned a practice room for the 30 minutes prior to his or her performance in the preliminary round.
On Sunday, the finalists will have the first option on practice rooms. Otherwise, they are open to other competitors.

Q. May I request a specific competition supplied pianist to accompany me?
A. No. We cannot guarantee you that we can make that particular assignment. Our assignment process is geared to providing the best collaboration for all competitors who have requested that we provide them with an accompanist.

Q. Can I have my first rehearsal with my assigned pianist on Saturday as opposed to Friday?
A. No. Your assigned pianist will be busy playing for the other competitors assigned to him or her.

Q. What time will the competition conclude on Sunday? I want to make my return airline reservation but don’t know when to schedule my flight home?
A. The short answer is that we really won’t know when the competition will end until the judges tell us they are ready to announce the prize winners. We do not know the lengths of the movements the nine finalists will perform and we do not know how long the judges will deliberate. However, based on past years, we expect everything to be over by 5:00 pm. The college is approximately 20 minutes by car from the Montgomery Airport.